About Us...

- The Hunt Is Over!

The makings of TreasureTress

Frustrated with the limited accessibility to legendary favourites and new upcoming brands; paired with the exhaustion of unpleasant experiences at hair shops, the idea was born to tackle the issue head on - “Lets discover and deliver the best products for Natural Hair”.

Who do we focus on? “Lets focus on young girls so that by the time they hit their our age, they’ll possess all of the knowledge, products and tools to create their individual desired look”. Lets also include Mothers so that they can embark on some relaxing mother daughter time whilst pampering, experimenting and styling their hair together!

So said so done.

We are TreasureTress - Two independent nouns pushed together to start kick start a phenomenon.

To save the time and hassle of finding suitable products, we navigate the sea of great natural hair products,  hand pick only the very best, package and deliver all of the treasures to your door, eliminating the stress and expense of trial and error. We make products accessible to our UK Mini-Naturalista’s and Mummy-Naturalistas, inclusive of those going through the all important ‘transition’ back to their natural state.

TreasureTress is committed to working with both established favourites and fabulous upcoming brands who understand, love and are passionate about providing quality products for Kinky,  Curly, Coily, Frizzy hair.

Fundamentally, TreasureTress is a new and exciting adventure for all curly girls/women, breathing a breath of fresh air into the extremely skewed one dimensional hair and beauty industry.

Welcome Beautiful!